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What inspires us in each project

We are passionate about interior design and decorating, quality, and customization. We know each person is different, as are their tastes. And we know the endless options there are to choose from in furniture, objects, colors, and textures.

That is why we devote our time and experience to each client, aiming to interpret their ideas, advise them on the best options available, and develop an integral project for the design and creation of spaces to their taste.

Interior Design

Each project is one of a kind

The perception and experience people have of a space, are affected by its design and decoration, be it they just circulate or live there. This is why our specialized interior designers develop each project keeping in mind the use the space is going to have, its characteristics, and the needs of the people who’ll be using it. Thus, we make sure of selecting the most suitable materials and elements to ensure a harmonic, functional final result, even including artworks that will complete the whole decoration, enhancing the personality in both the space and its residents. 

Our experience, available to each client

We’ve been dedicated to interior design and decoration for over 30 years, developing projects for villas, houses, businesses and offices. We work with exclusive, quality products, and specialize in design and decoration of luxury houses. Our decorators have the taste of each client in consideration when developing an integral project for the design and creation of spaces, and also put customized paintings and made-to-measure furniture at their disposal. Therefore, each space turns out to be unique, special and representative.

Dressing area
Main bedroom

Quality and expertise in all our services

At Mosaico Interior Design we are leaders in the market of interior decorating in Marbella, offering our clients the opportunity to shape their dreams with the highest quality in service, materials, and objects. Each integral project for the design and creation of spaces could entail only a room or the whole house, either their owners are going to enjoy it themselves or are willing to put it on the real-estate market.

Our designers and decorators keep themselves at the vanguard, advising our clients on the latest trends in decoration for businesses, villas or luxury houses.